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Request for Bids for HERS Rater


The GeoTechnology Research Institute (GTRI) at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) is working with the City of Houston on a program to incentivize the construction of energy efficient homes for low income buyers.  Participating builders in this program will provide an independently certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating on a completed home to demonstrate a qualifying level of energy efficiency. After installation of the energy efficient upgrades, the builders will then provide an updated independently certified HERS rating. This program is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Request for Bid(s):

This is a request for bids for a certified HERS Rater to enter into subcontract agreement with GTRI/HARC to provide HERS ratings on homes in the City of Houston in support of the program.

GTRI/HARC is seeking to enter into a subcontract agreement with a certified HERS rater to provide verification of the HERS ratings received from participating builders. The process will involve verification of the qualifying HERS rating on the completed home and then verification of the updated HERS rating upon completion of installation of the energy efficient upgrades. The upgrades will focus largely on the installation of solar PV panels, solar thermal, and possibly wind-powered generators. This effort will apply to approximately 100 homes in the Houston area.

We hereby solicit the submission of bids to provide GTRI/HARC with service to:

  1. Conduct certified HERS ratings on participating homes, including an initial HERS rating for homes wishing to qualify and a follow-up HERS ratings following complete installation of the upgrades.
  2. Provide support in refining HERS related elements of the program as requested.

Questions Regarding this solicitation: The deadline to submit questions and requests for interpretation is Tuesday, April 6, 2010. Please submit any questions via email to All questions and answers will be posted at EECBG.HARC.EDU by Friday, April 9, 2010. We encourage HERS Raters to periodically check the website for updates. (Note: Questions will not be accepted by phone.).

General Information:

GTRI/HARC accepts no financial responsibility for any costs incurred by a firm in responding to this bid solicitation, participating in oral presentations, or negotiating a subcontract. Bid proposals in response to the solicitation will become property of GTRI/HARC and may be used by GTRI/HARC in any way deemed appropriate.

The issuance of this bid solicitation does not constitute an agreement by GTRI/HARC that any subcontract will actually be executed. GTRI/HARC expressly reserves the right at any time to:

  • Waive or correct any defect or informality in any response, bids or bid procedure
  • Reject any or all bids
  • Reissue a bid solicitation
  • Prior to submission deadline for bid proposals, modify all or any portion¬† of the specifications or requirements for services to be provided under this solicitation, or the requirements for contents or format of the bid proposals
  • Determine that no project will be pursued.

Evaluation Process and Selection Procedure:

GTRI/HARC will form an evaluation committee that will review and score the proposals. Interviews will be requested as needed and final selection will be based on the recommendation of the evaluation committee.  

Evaluation Criteria


Company profile and Contractor qualifications 4
  • Teams knowledge and experience with HERS Rating
  • Previous successful project examples
  • Current projects¬†that may significantly interfere with ability to perform services
  • Reporting abilities
Staff Resumes and qualifications 4
  • Expertise that will be provided
  • Professional engineer license
  • Safety management experience
References 4
  • Provide three references
Cost 4
  • Provided cost proposals based on a per-house basis based on estimated 1500 sq ft (scalable from 1 - 100 homes)
Proposal Score 0 - 16

The evaluation committee will make a recommendation regarding award of the subcontract to the highest-ranking HERS Rater(s). GTRI/HARC will negotiate and execute a subcontract to perform the requested services with the highest-ranking HERS Rater(s). The selection of any bid shall not imply acceptance of all terms of the bid, which may be subject to further negotiation and approvals.

At any time during the proposal evaluation process, GTRI/HARC may require a HERS RATER to provide oral or written clarification of its bid proposal.

GTRI/HARC reserves the right to enter into contract negotiations without further clarifications of bid proposals received.

GTRI/HARC may begin agreement negotiations with the next highest-ranked HERS Rater(s) at any time during the process until an agreement is finalized.  Any and all firms selected for subcontract will be required to provide appropriate insurance policies, with GTRI/HARC and the City of Houston named as certificate holders.

Any and all firms selected will be required to comply with ARRA requirements that include, but are not limited to, Davis-Bacon Act (Fair Wage) and special reporting requirements.

Each bid must include the following information:

  • Legal Name of Firm, Names and contact information Legal Owners \Tax Identification Number; DUNS Number (*required by ARRA, please visit
  • Brief description of the company‚Äôs background and experience
  • Name of key individual(s) who will provide scope of services for the project and interface with GTRI/HARC
  • List all previous or current contracts with the GeoTechnology Research Institute (GTRI), the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), or the City of Houston (COH)
  • A menu of services provided as a component of HERS Rating
  • A scalable rate for services provided based on one home versus 100 homes (estimated 1500 sq ft home)
  • Statement of ability to comply with ARRA requirements

Proposal Submissions:

HERS Raters are encouraged to submit Notice of Intent to Bid by email to the address below on or before Tuesday, April 6, 2010. The notice is not mandatory, but will be used by GTRI/HARC in planning for the resources needed to evaluate proposals that are submitted.

One (1) unbound and three (3) bound copies of the bid proposal printed double-sided on recycled and recyclable white paper along and any related information must be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked HERS RATER no later than 4:00 PM Central Time, Monday, April 19, 2010 (postmarks will not qualify as delivery). No bid proposals will be accepted after this date and time. Proposals submitted by facsimile will not be accepted.

One (1) electronic copy of the signed original completed bid proposal package via email, CD or other portable device in searchable PDF or Microsoft Word format to the contact listed below by the deadline. Electronic copies will not be accepted in lieu of the HARC receipt of the original and photocopies on or before the deadline.  Early submission is encouraged to avoid any possibility of disqualification for late submission.

Proposals should be mailed or delivered to:

Ms Victoria Henry
Houston Advanced Research Center
4800 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77381





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